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   Psychic Medium,  Reiki Practitioner

Wynnie Walter, Psychic Medium


​Wynnie was born into the life of medium-ship. Her gifts are true and nonjudgmental.  Wynnie has walked through life being taught by her guides and listening to the words of Mother Mary and Master Jesus.  We are born into this life to learn and to gain knowledge, sometimes also looking for a place of acceptance.  No one is perfect, and I am always being shown that humility comes with letting go much to fast. Sometimes we don't like hearing the words that we are suppose to hear, or to accept the changes that are granted to us.  Wynnie can express the words that are being channeled from the light. She can tell you, what your restraints are and why. Wynnies compassion to help other was a lesson she learn from Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was always a big influence in her life, she learned a lot about compassion and being humble. Mother Teresa speaks through Wynnie when called upon, to help others see the truth with in themselves or with others around them.  

Wynnie is an Ordain Minster and works with the earth and the elements around her, she listens to the understanding and Shamanic wisdom that is coming forth. 

Pet communicator- Wynnie can communicate with animals.She is able to touch into their soul to find the issue or pain they are struggling with. She has even done Reiki on animals to help with releasing discomfort or mend tissue's with in their bodies.  She has helped many animals and owners find peace and clear understanding. 
Medical Intuitive- Since childhood Wynnie has always been able see inside the bodies of others and see the problems what they're enduring. She is able to talk to the organs and move muscle and bones gently to the correct place. She has also been able to shrink cancer and eliminate some heal issues, but only under the discipline of the clients and the spiritual guides Wynnie works with.  (Wynnie," I don't guarantee anything because nothing can be guaranteed", what you manifest and what can be healed is always a gift from God himself). Wynnie channels the energy when doing Reiki from the light of God, Arch Angels, and the Masters that assist her. They are the ones that determine what gets healed and what lessons you still need to learn and let go. Healing starts with forgiveness. 

​Remote viewing- I can help find lost objects and I can look upon a land and see beneath it. I have help some people with finding wells, bones, other objects.  I can also view into dimensions. Many elements I work with comes from different realms.   

Speaking to love one from the other side- I am able to communicate to the departed. it can be animals, family, friends. Doesn't matter. If they are willing to come fourth then I get the answers. Sometimes they bring others through and sometimes an animal with bring the person through. Either way the communication between the spirit world and ours really isn't as far as you might think.  Let me bring closure into your life. 

Everyday I am learning new things. My gifts are expanding and my faith for what I learn is increasing. Some people get upset and ask why do you know this and I don't? Everyone does know this, but its allowing yourself to open up to receiving. Some people are just not sure or maybe scared. But when the time is right it can happen and when it does it's the coolest gift you'll ever get. Much better then electronics. Ha ha 
"When life opens a door, don't be afraid to walk through it, but embrace who you can be". 
Namaste Wynnie

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