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Psychic Readings offer information that an Intuitive person can 'read' from your aura, your energy, your guides and angels, and through various forms of divination including tarot.   A Psychic offers deeper insight to your life, often more than what you can see on your own - to help you.   The word Psychic means 'of the Soul' - Psychics are listening at a higher Soul level and can help you tune into your true purpose, your truth, and the highest benevolent Guidance.  Readings are Spiritual, and offer assistance when you are ready to hear it. 

Medium Readings offer information from the Spirit World, Loved Ones on the Other Side, Pets, Channeled Messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, and Guides, and Beings of the Light who have your best interest at heart. 

Often, readings help to validate you,  help you align to your highest truth, offer healing, help with grief and loss, connect you with your loved ones, help you get clear, and help you understand the Divine. 

Through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clauragustance, clairsentience, and the gift of remote viewing and empathic ability - Psychics and Mediums  share their sight and gift with you and give voice to the messages heard and felt that are meant for you to hear.  

Because no Psychic reading can ever be fully validated (information comes from Spirit) Readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Please visit our testimonials for client reviews. 

Client Testimonials

Our Psychics are available In Person at Earthly Oasis and By Phone - by appointment Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. 

Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions and even participate in activities that I love--like salsa dancing! 

Sasha Owens

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Must be 18 years or older.


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I used to get backaches from riding my horse. Discovering Zen Day Spa changed my life! Their trained specialists helped relieve my pinched nerves, and they taught me how to avoid back problems in the future.

Rufus T. Jenkins

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